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Your dream day

Why should celebs have all the fun

Most of us dream of having a great day with surprises and luxuries. Fancy cars, designer clothes, costly hotels, fans, autographs are just a part of that dream. 

Let us team up to script and then live your dream day. This will be a once in a life time memory.


The story line

Facts and Fiction

Our story writer will listen to your interests and script a storyline for your dream day..

Let's live rich, ultra-rich

Wear designer clothes

Travel in elite cars

Stay in a luxurious suite

Its a secret

Depending on your interests, the script and situation, we will surprise you with a THING or SEQUENCE

Fashion Woman

The best two days of my life. I felt like living in a dream. 

I got a mixed feeling, One with sense of accomplishment and other with satisfation.

Avani, Entreprenuer

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