Exclusive Services

Let's live in an alternate reality for this day with YOU as the epicenter: be the boss, the rockstar, the rich, the movie celeb, the peaceful celeb, whomever you want to be. Tell us your dreams(ethical), we will create it for you...

  • I want to be the celebrity

    Time to treat yourself. You deserve to live the way you always dreamt of. 

    Once you explain all your interests to our story writer the Mission begins. The director, designers, makeup artists and rest of the crew start working on the alter-world where YOU are the center of the universe. Let us fill it with super cars, designer clothes, may be charted flights, fans and whatever that is needed.


  • I want to gift this experince to her/him

     Things are remembered for a good while but experiences stay in the heart forever.

    So why wait, gift her/him this one-in-a-lifetime experience. Here we need to take all the information from you to keep this as a surprise.

  • We(family/friends) are celebs at once

    Sharing is caring, sometimes sharing is all what you love.

    If you want to bring along your family or friends to this crazy alter-world, buckle up, we are ready to serve the royal friends/family. Instead of one celebrity we have 'N' celebrities for the day.

    A story is written with all of you as the center of the plot and all luxuries are shared amongst you.

  • The great grand proposal time!!!

    Love has to be celebrated, it is something that keeps you moving. It is something you will cherish.

    Buckle up, the first time you say to her/him those three magical words - let it be a celebration. Let us ornament the occasion with surprises. Let it be a flash mob, let it be a silent Rab ne banadhe jodi  proposal or a super grand proposal. We are with you to arrange the required and record the same.

Cute little surprises for special days


   Make your special one feel special with these cute surprises.

       While we recommend you to opt for one of the above four  for once-in-a-lifetime experience, we have the below small experiences just incase you are short of time or cash.


     May be on the day you are gonna propose, should be on birthday or any special occasion. Be the magician of surprises.

Social media hype

New followers, hundreds of likes, genuine comments 1-week pre & post 

the special occasion. 

Exclusive Radio show

Our RJ will talk about you, play 3 songs for you. 
This recorded radio show is mailed to you & can be streamed.

Stranger call/mail

Sometimes wishes or compliments from strangers do make us happy. 10 people call / mail to wish in style.

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